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How a FEM product is created

For FEM, precision and attention to detail are maintained in all phases of industrialized production, even on a large scale. This approach delivers uncompromising quality, the result of deliberate choices and precise actions in every phase of the production process.  Everything begins with careful selection of raw materials, wood and metal, according to the specifics of every chair and accessory. Manufacturing processes are monitored by experts, using cutting edge technological solutions in all phases of the manufacturing chain, guaranteeing that every FEM product is synonymous with excellence and durability.


Innovation and tradition in seating design, production and supply

The FEM mission is to offer custom chairs, combining advanced manufacturing capability with extensive knowledge of manufacturing techniques and materials. We are committed to satisfying customer requirements to guarantee functional, stylish and comfortable seating solutions.  Operating as an efficient, service-oriented business organization, FEM works hard to understand and share the desires of our customers, creating a common language and a shared path towards the end goal. Made in Italy: excellence and quality.  FEM products are proudly Made in Italy. We guarantee that every phase of production takes place locally under the strict supervision of our team. Our commitment to quality is recognized in our ISO 9001 and FSC certification, symbols of our commitment to manufacturing excellence and environmental responsibility.


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Discover our catalogue: a range of chairs, stools and armchairs with different finishes for every style and environment.


From concept to production: we transform your plans into custom chairs just for you.